Friday, December 17, 2010

Neither Holiness...nor fitness...are achieved all at once

“Don’t be in a bigger hurry than God. Holiness is not achieved all at once. We need to pray all of the time. And how can we pray all to him without being with him? How can we be with him unless we think of him often? And how can we often think of him unless by a holy habit of thought. You tell me I am always saying the same thing. You are right. I say it because this is the best and easiest method I know, and it is the only one I use.” Brother Lawrence, The practice of the Presence of God

A holy habit of thought. Wow. This is something I so very long to have. A Holy habit of thought. My thoughts tend to be more in the habitual habit of feeling sorry for myself, and rarely drift over to Holiness. However, as the author states, Holiness is not achieved all at once - don’t get in a bigger hurry than God. I suppose God has me exactly where He wants me, learning and tripping so that I may use my own trips to warn others of the boulders on the path. But, I also know that Holiness isn’t bestowed on me by God’s cosmic size magic wand. It is something He can gift me with more and more, but only if I am seeking Him more and more.

My mode of functioning over the past month or so continues to be laziness. I need to get to the gym. I need to get back into my Bible. I need to spend more time with God so that He can help me overcome some emotional eating habits that were formed over the past year or so. And none of this I can do alone. I must think of Him often, I must be with Him often, so that He can lead me into a bit more healthiness and Holiness.

And unless I do all of this out of efforts to glorify God, all of my efforts will be in vein. So, I will try my best to be happy exactly where I am at. To know that God will bless my efforts, and even though one day at the gym will not have me back in a size 6, that if I stick with it, He is faithful to bring results.


  1. Girl, as a recovering food addict, I totally hear you! Praying for you on this journey.

  2. I thought about this post a couple times today even though I read it yesterday. The "holy habit of thought" comment has my wheels still turning.


  3. I'm learning to trust God and His timing... not so easy - but worth it.

  4. Stephanie,
    It is so tough to be happy where we are at. Good for you for trying and striving.I love what you say about not being in a bigger hurry than God. How often I want it all, and I want it five minutes ago.