Sunday, July 17, 2011

His compassions never fail...

“Because of the Lord’s great love we are not consumed, for his compassions never fail.” Lamentations 3:22 NIV

So, currently I am helping with Melissa Taylor's Online Bible Study using Wendy Blight’s Hidden Joy In a Dark Corner. The chapter this week is about quiet time, it is amazing, and I am convicted. Can I just confess that through the past few weeks I have not spent needed time in quiet time, too consumed with my book proposal? I know, it is so silly that in writing a book about how great our God is that I wouldn’t spend needed time with God, but it happens, so I confess.

And I just want to say that I am in love this morning. I am in love with the mercy of the Lord. He truly never leaves or abandons, it is only us that walk away, and when we return to Him, well, He is ever so faithful in His promises.

So, today, I want to do something a bit different. I want to show you how I spent quiet time this morning, unpacking Lamentations 3:22. I hope it speaks to you as much as it spoke to me.

The first of this verse states “because of the Lord’s great love”. In my study bible it shows me that this great love that is spoken of is a covenant love, a love that is faithful to promises. The same love that brought the Israelites out of captivity in Egypt, a love that delivers.

And the verse goes on to say that we are not consumed, that “His compassions never fail”.

Alright, now here is where I am going to get tough with the Word of God. Last night we studied Exodus at church, in particular the part where Moses is up on the mountain for 40 days and during this time the Israelites craft and begin worshiping a golden calf. If you read a bit further you find that Moses goes down the mountain, and eventually calls all the people that are for the Lord to Him, and of those that don’t come, many are slaughtered. Wow huh, that’s not a pretty story you can wrap up with a bow, or is it?

The compassions of the Lord never fail. I think we are so quick to take in the loving and compassionate nature of the Lord, but it is much more difficult to accept the concept of His judgment. However, my pastor had an amazing point last night, He NEVER passes judgment without first offering mercy. Time and time again in the Bible, the Lord will judge with a harsh hand, but He NEVER does it without offering mercy at first. It is only those who do not accept His mercy that are dealt with in a harsh manner. This brings us to the ultimate truth, that with Christ, it was finished. He was the final one and only sacrificial lamb, and God offers us unending mercy through Christ should we choose to accept Him.

So, this morning the Lord offers me mercy, I have not been spending enough quiet time. He calls me in to spend time with Him, and because I am obedient, He shows His mercy and meets me right where I am at. His compassion is never ending, His love never fails. He keeps His promises, and in the end He will separate those that have accepted Him from those that do not, plain and simple. But we can rest assured that the moment we put our faithfulness in Him, that NO MATTER WHAT, He forgives, His love never fails, and He doesn’t ever leave or abandon us. The love of the Father for His children is unmistakable, He loves you dear sister, even in your trials, He loves you, and you can choose to find peace and rest in Him.


  1. Great post Stephanie! I love it. I've really never looked much at Lamentations 3:22. I'm still praying for a life verse. I plan to read chapter 8 this afternoon just as soon as I take my kids over to the county fair to see what their 4H projects got. Have a good Sunday!

  2. Have to "share" this on my FB page...I'm doing the Hidden Joy study and knew I would be convicted of not having quiet time enough these summer hard with kids...but not impossible...thanks for reminding me that God gives us mercy and chance after chance to do what is right. Off to have some quiet time....

  3. Lamentations is one of the most beautiful books in the Bible. So poetic and full of symbolism. I wrote a post earlier in the year about this same verse... here's the link

    I think you would enjoy reading it. I have had the seed of something working in my mind for a year and a half involving the book of Lamentations. It will take me years to play it all out. But I am in love with the little book of sorrow! Great post! GREAT verse!!!

  4. Thank you so much for this post. As I work on understanding these concepts for myself, this is also important to help me develop understanding and forgiveness for the people in my family who have hurt me, and are still lost. I can see what you are saying, that God is also offering them mercy and a chance to come to Him, and it is up to them to choose that for themselves or not. Deep down, I want it for them, so we can all enjoy God's peace and love, but I don't have control over this, and it's time to release that in full to the Lord.

  5. You bet He's a merciful God, Stephanie!!!! Thanks for this post, and I hope She Speaks has blessed you mightily!